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Classic Today / Giya Kancheli: Sunny Night (Bednarz / Goldman/ Hiratsuka)

“well-crafted program that invites us into an intimate atmosphere of character and emotion, of beautiful melody sung by violin in its purest, sweetest voice and piano both assertive and seductive.”

 David Vernier, Classic Today
Artistic Quality: 10 Sound Quality: 10

You’re in a café, a quiet little out of the way place. The sudden sound of violin and piano, perhaps later a bandonéon, playing a sweet, romantic tune creates the perfect atmosphere for evening romance, contemplation, or just enjoying the wine and the solitude (sound clips). This is not the sort of music you might expect from Georgian composer Giya Kancheli, who most listeners know for his symphonic works or more “serious” chamber pieces, but then, most listeners probably are not aware of Kancheli’s extensive contributions as a composer of music for theatrical plays and film. Nor might they be familiar with his several dozen arrangements—”miniatures” for violin……

CBC radio “In Concert / Giya Kancheli: Sunny Night (Bednarz / Goldman/ Hiratsuka)

Paolo Pietropaolo, CBC Radio “In Concert ”
“Record of the week”
“This week is the dreamy and hopeful music by a Georgian composer Giya Kancheli … music that lets little light into the world … It’s a wonderful new record, and this week “In Concert” record of the week … by the wonderful duo of Bednarz and Hiratsuka.”

Giya Kancheli: Sunny Night

New Music Buff / Giya Kancheli: Sunny Night (Bednarz / Goldman/ Hiratsuka)

“Whether as calm background or for intense listening this disc is a gem.“.

Allan J. Cronin, New Music Buff
Heavenly Violin and Piano Music by Giya Kancheli

For this reviewer, my relationship with the music of Giya Kancheli (1935- ) began with the symphonies (I think there’s seven now) with the character of some outrageous dynamic contrasts such that they spawned warning levels on the package containing the CD.  It was only after that, when ECM began to release the “holy minimalist” type works, that I first heard those.


Frederic Bednarz

Now comes Canadian violinist Frederic Bednarz  who, along with pianist Natsuki Hiratsuka and bandoneon player Jonathan Goldman……

Médium Large / Giya Kancheli: Sunny Night (Bednarz / Goldman/ Hiratsuka)

« Le romantisme simple de Giya Kancheli »

Frédéric Lambert, Médium Large

L’altiste et chroniqueur Frédéric Lambert nous parle des meilleures parutions récentes en musique classique et des concerts à venir dans ce domaine. Il est question de Sunny Night, du violoniste Frederic Bednarz et du bandonéoniste Jonathan Goldman, sous la direction de Natsuki Niratsuka. L’opus rassemble 18 pièces du compositeur Giya Kancheli, originalement composées pour le théâtre et le cinéma, et réarrangées pour les salles de concert. Notre chroniqueur explique à Catherine Perrin qu’il s’agit de ravissantes miniatures qui gagneraient à être connues par les musiciens classiques contemporains.

Écoutez l’émission en ligne sur Médium Large

Giya Kancheli: Sunny Night

The Listeners’ Club / Giya Kancheli: Sunny Night (Bednarz / Goldman/ Hiratsuka)

Thomty Judd, The Listeners’ Club

Giya Kancheli (b. 1935) is one of the most distinctive twentieth century composers to emerge from the former Soviet Union. Kancheli, who was born in Georgia and emigrated to Belgium following Soviet dissolution in 1991, has written seven symphonies as well as other large-scale orchestral works such as Mourned by the Wind, described as a “liturgy” for viola and orchestra. His catalogue also includes operas, chamber works, and numerous film scores.

Many of Kancheli’s pieces develop gradually in prolonged, atmospheric, tonal fragments— something akin to the mystical “Holy minimalism” of Arvo Pärt and Henryk Górecki. For example, listen to the hushed tension of Kancheli’s Symphony No. 4 “In memoria di Michelangelo” (1974).

Giya Kancheli: Sunny Night, a newly-released album featuring Canadian violinist Frédéric Bednarz and pianist Natsuki Hiratsuka explores miniatures which grew out of Kancheli’s film scores. For two of the tracks (Earth, This is Your Son and Instead……

Ici Musique / Giya Kancheli: Sunny Night (Bednarz / Goldman/ Hiratsuka)

«Comme une douce nuit ensoleillée : découvrez la musique de Giya Kancheli. »

Frédéric Cardin, Ici Musique
“Atmosphère mélancolique, mélodies agréables, écriture épurée, mais imprégnée d’une touchante tendresse”

La musique du compositeur géorgien Giya Kancheli est l’une des plus originales et émotionnellement séduisantes d’aujourd’hui. Le violoniste Frédéric Bednarz et la pianiste Natsuki Hiratsuka, avec le bandonéoniste Jonathan Goldman à l’occasion, proposent l’album Sunny Night, une porte d’entrée toute simple sur l’univers du compositeur. Trop simple? Je vous en parle.

Sunny Night est un recueil de petites pièces pour violon et piano, avec bandonéon ici et là, extraites de musiques que Kancheli a écrites pour le cinéma et le théâtre. Atmosphère mélancolique, mélodies agréables, écriture épurée, mais imprégnée d’une touchante tendresse, Sunny Night a quelque chose des albums de nouvelle musique classique très accessible qui se multiplient ces jours-ci. Entre Andréa Stréliski et Chilly Gonzales (approximativement), et s’accompagnant de quelques réminiscences……

the Whole Note / Giya Kancheli: Sunny Night (Bednarz / Goldman/ Hiratsuka)


“The highlights on Sunny Night are the two works for violin, piano and bandoneon (Jonathan Goldman), an instrument closely associated with the tango.“.

Andrew Timar, the Whole Note
“A single mood”

I get particular satisfaction from listening to an album rendered stylishly by gifted Canadian musicians. A good example is Sunny Night, a collection of 17 miniatures originally scored for the cinema and theatre by Giya Kancheli (b.1935) recorded at McGill University in Montreal by the duo of Frédéric Bednarz (violin) and Natsuki Hiratsuka (piano).

The well-known Georgian composer Kancheli, currently living in Belgium, is an unabashed romantic when it comes to composing music. “Music, like life itself, is inconceivable without romanticism. Romanticism is a high dream of the past, present, and future – a force of invincible beauty which towers above, and conquers the forces of ignorance, bigotry, violence and evil,” states Kancheli in the liner notes.

The highlights on Sunny Night are the two works for violin, piano……


[Musique pour le Cinéma et le Théâtre]
Bednarz | Goldman | Hiratsuka

Nouveauté classique
Est disponible sur toutes plates-formes numériques en tous pays, et en magasin notamment chez Archambault et Renaud-Bray au Québec, sur Grigorian.com à Toronto et chez Barnes & Noble aux États-Unis.

The Classical reviewer (review) / LEKEU / FRANCK / BOULANGER

“Frédéric Bednarz and Natsuki Hiratsuka bring exceptionally fine, idiomatic and subtle performances of works for violin and piano by Guillaume Lekeu, César Franck and Lili Boulanger on a release from metis islands music”.

Brice Reader, The Classical reviewer

Frédéric Bednarz brings a beautifully refined tone to the opening of the Très modéré – Vif et passionné of Lekeu’s Sonata with some wonderfully limpid phrases from Natsuki Hiratsuka before developing through more incisive moments where this violinist finds a passionate edge. They hold a fine balance between the gentler flow and more passionate, dramatic moments, often with an underswell of tension. The music builds in drama and power with some very fine textures from Bednarz, before trying to find the gentler nature of the opening but rising again in passion with some wonderful textures as the music reaches the quieter, more thoughtful coda.

Hiratsuka brings a slow introduction to the second movement,……

Classical Music (review) / LEKEU / FRANCK / BOULANGER

Four stars ★★★★

“Bednarz and Hiratsuka capture the post-Wagnerian sound world of Lekeu with a Gallic sensitivity, which also proves ideal in the Nocturne (…)”
Julian Haylock, BBC Music Magazine / www.classical-music.com


The Wholenote Magazine (review) / LEKEU / FRANCK / BOULANGER

Terry Robbins, The Wholenote Magazine / www.thewholenote.com

There’s another performance of the Franck Violin Sonata on a new CD featuring works by Lekeu, Franck and Boulanger from the Montreal violinist Frédéric Bednarz and pianist Natsuki Hiratsuka (Metis Islands Music MIM-0006).

Guillaume Lekeu and Lili Boulanger (Nadia’s younger sister) both died at the tragically young age of 24. Lekeu’s Sonata in G Major is a fine three-movement work, with its long violin lines and agitated piano in the outer movements somewhat reminiscent of the Franck, which was written just six years earlier. Bednarz’s beautiful sweetness of tone is evident right from the start.

Boulanger was always in fragile health, and her works often seem to display her awareness of her condition. Nocturne is a simply lovely and delightful piece, again perfectly suited to Bednarz’s sweet tone. The Franck Sonata is the centrepiece of the CD, and again it’s the tonal quality……